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​Johnny Rocket Launch Pad Episode #128: The New Agorist Brewer (Interview w/ Alexander Meyer)

July 8, 2017


Show Summary: What does drinking and Liberty have in common? Everything! This week we talk to serial entrepreneur Alexander Meyer from the New Agorist Brewing Company, and the really cool libertarian networking site, liberty. Menu!  Alexander talks about his goal of making beer for a living and the restrictions he faces with state and federal laws! If you like beer, then you can’t miss this one!

About the Guest:  - Liberty activist since 2007 (w/ focus on providing my skills to the community)

- Freelance Graphic designer and web developer

- Ron Paul campaign volunteer 08 and 12

- Serial entrepreneur

- Developed branding for McAfee/Weiss 2016

- Co-founder of, the online directory for the liberty movement

- Homebrewer trying to turn it into a career

- Hoping to bring New Agorist brand to market in OC and LA in a few months

Guest Website

New Agorist Brewing Company

Host Website

Johnny  Rocket Launch Pad

Ignite Liberty!

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John Odermatt is the founder of Ignite Liberty LLC. Ignite Liberty's online store opened in the middle of the craziness of the 2016 election season. The mission of Ignite Liberty is to give liberty lovers creative and fashionable ways to wear their ideas! Politicians only care about selling themselves, at Ignite Liberty we want to be the spark that lights the liberty movement on fire.

John has been active in the liberty movement since 2010 when he co-founded the website Lions of Liberty along with Marc Clair, Brian McWilliams & Domenic John.

John is the creator and host of the show Felony Friday on the Lions of Liberty Podcast. Felony Friday's mission is to shine a light on the broken criminal justice system via interviews and hard-hitting analysis.

You can contact John via email at

If we want to IGNITE the liberty movement, then we need to be creative and use bold methods to communicate the message. Ignite Liberty is a movement and lifestyle. Wear it. Own it. Embrace it.

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Felony Friday

Lions of Liberty

Ignite Liberty

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Remso Republic


Lions Of Liberty

We Are Libertarians  

The Lava Flow

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Speed of Sound Studios  (Seattle Washington)

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The Johnny Rocket Launch Pad is pre-recorded,  mixed, and mastered by Curt Nelson from  Speed of Sound and Tommy Sound.The theme song of The Johnny Rocket Launch Pad is "Over You" Performed by:  The Hot Roddin' Romeos from the record Boozehounds released by: Splatterhouse Wreckords