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Johnny Rocket Launch Pad Episode #105: Eric July

October 29, 2016

PictureShow Summary This week we rock out with the libertarian rapper, and activist Eric July!  Eric July is the lead singer in the hip hop/metal band BackWordz, and is a contributor to Liberty Hangout, Being Libertarian and The Libertarian Republic. In this episode, we talk about the best way of spreading the libertarian message and how the music industry seems to hold the key. Eric July also talks about how  “Black Lives Matter” is NOT a friend of Liberty, and why we (libertarians) should be skeptical of this growing movement.  


About the Guest

July is a libertarian and Anarcho-Capitalist, formerly a Democrat. He previously voted for Barack Obama in 2008. Shortly after becoming a libertarian during the 2012 election, he announced his support for Gary Johnson, the libertarian nominee.  He voiced opposition on raising the minimum wage. He supports defunding Planned Parenthood because of government funding.  Following the San Bernardino mass shootings, he released a video on Facebook expressing support for gun rights.  He opposes the TSA. He supports auditing the Fed.  In an interview on Fox & Friends, July stated that Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul is his current favorite for the 2016 election.


With a background as such, it is a wonder that Eric July did not end up as another statistic. Born & raised in Dallas, Texas, he has one of the more unique backgrounds. He grew up as a knucklehead; he was constantly in trouble and participating in the gang life. But because he was an athlete, he was able to get away and start over as he earned a track & field scholarship to the University of Memphis.


However, his love for music has always existed. Eric was first introduced to rap as a youngster, remember albums like Nas’ ‘Illmatic’ and Lauryn Hill’s ‘Miseducation’ album which made him fall in love with lyricism and rhyme schemes. He was also introduced to hip hop artists that mixed rock elements, such as Beastie Boys and Run DMC. As a teenager, under the moniker “YG Rippa” he made a name for himself around Dallas for rapping as well as fighting. It was until he was 19 when he actively pursued performing rock-based music. This so happen to be around the same time in which his political alignment began to change as his knowledge of economics grew.


The latter half of his teenage years and early 20s consisted of many trial and error music projects; he was in rap duos, rap-rock bands, strictly metal bands and etc. With the formation of BackWordz, it seemed to come natural for Eric and he’s right at home. BackWordz allowed Eric to be ALL of Eric: a rapper, story teller, libertarian political commentator, and lover of metal & hardcore.

He does it all, with no apologies.

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Book(s) Discussed

Basic Economics, Thomas Sowell  (Basic Books, 2015)

Race & Economics: How Much Can Be Blamed on Discrimination?  Walter Williams (Hoover Institution Press Publication, 2011)

Human Action: The Scholar's Edition, Ludwig Von Mises, (LvMi 1998)


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Speed of Sound Studios  (Seattle Washington)

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