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Ep 8, Brown v Board of Education, It Only Took Six Decades: The End of Government Approved Public Segregation.


Six decades after the U.S. Supreme Court gave federal sanction and approval to the “Separate but Equal” doctrine in Plessy v. Ferguson, the Supreme Court decided government approved racial segregation was actually not consistent with the 14th Amendment and the concept of “equal protection under the law.”


Oliver Brown was an African-American parent of an elementary school-aged daughter in Topeka, Kansas. Mr. Brown sued to allow his daughter into the all white schools in Topeka. His suit was one of many class-actions across America. It was a nationally coordinated effort, led by the NAACP, to overturn Plessy and desegregate public schools in the United States.


The former Republican governor of California, Earl Warren, the newly appointed Chief Justice, shepherded a 9-0 decision to overturn Plessy.



How Dare You? With Antony Sammeroff Sounds Like Liberty - Episode 18


    In today's episode Nicky P & Lizzie begin by taking a look at Rabbit’s Revenge by Tom Morello featuring Bassnectar, Big Boi & Killer Mike. Things get heated on a number of fronts and it makes a nice prelude to the featured interview.


This week in I Heard This Happened: shimmery doom & synthy-pop?.  


Nicky's pick this week is Calm Black Water by REZN, out of Chicago. A dark (as name suggests) but shimmery (like icy water?) offering...maybe they named it more perfect than I can describe it...


Lizzie's pick is Marea EP by Telegraph Tehran, of Bolgna, Italy. Lizzie calls it pop, im not sold on that. Tell me I’m wrong.


This week we sneak in a quick bonus interview with a local Ohio Libertarian running for Geauga County Commissioner, Candace Loyd.


This week’s interview is with Antony Sammeroff of The Scottish Liberty Podcast. Lizzie geeked out at the idea of talking to a real live scottish person and maybe it was a tad unproductive. Easily our most combative episode, find out why!


Antony's Top 5

Appetite For Destruction - Guns & Roses

Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine

And Out Come The Wolves - Rancid

A Night At The Opera - Queen

Strange Days - The Doors


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What the Zucc?-Post Cards From Somalia EP15


In this go-round, Sherry and Alan replay their short on the recent facebook purge on political content that doesn’t suit their overlords, The State. You can catch more of Alan on The Gold Standard at , and Sherry on The Sherry Voluntary Show at

You can find audio versions of both shows by searching for “sherry voluntary” or “the gold standard” on your favorite podcasting platforms.



Green Room - The Last Nighters - Episode 41


We're talking about the punk-rock horror/thriller movie Green Room. It pits an ANTIFA-flavored punk band and a white supremacist audience against in each other in a battle to the death.
Sadly, they both share many of the same ideas and horrific understanding of economics and morality. We get deep into some of the weeds here in a fun critique of pacing and real grown-up style reviewing. Enjoys!


Blast Off! With Johnny Rocket Episode #16:Pop Goes The Culture! (W/ Victor Pross)


Blast Off! With Johnny Rocket Episode #16:Pop Goes The Culture! (W/ Victor Pross)


Show Summary: Canadian artist Victor Pross joins Johnny and Raylene to discuss art and culture! Victor understands better than anyone the need for art in libertarianism and life in general. He is an anarchist and pulls no punches when it comes to criticizing the state, and he uses his caricatures to make people laugh at politicians. According to Victor, you can't revere someone when you're laughing at them, so all the more reason to continue laughing at our dear leaders! You can hear more at on our Patreon!


About The Guest:  Victor Pross is a professional Vancouver artist. He is known for his "extreme caricaturing" and imaginative art works. As an artist, Victor has many high profile commissions to his credit including painting Ron Howard’s caricature portrait as a 50th birthday gift for the famous director, as well as painting various agents of the William Morris Agency. As Canada's premier caricaturist, Victor has rendered numerous International celebrities and Canadian media personalities for commercial and private purposes. Victor Pross has been interviewed on television shows such as: Canada AM, Breakfast Television, News at Noon and has been pegged by Canadian Media as “Canada’s foremost caricature artist.” Victor is currently the subject of a documentary movie called POP GOES THE CULTURE, based loosely on his first book of the same name.


About The Host: Johnny “Rocket” Adams was the creator and host of “The Johnny Rocket Launch Pad – Libertarian Rock n’ Roll Experience” and now “BLAST OFF with Johnny Rocket!” He’s also a musician, graphic artist, author, and former Chief Warrant Officer. Johnny spent his early days earning his stripes as a helicopter pilot in the U.S. Army. Back stateside, Johnny immersed himself in the classic works of Murray Rothbard, Henry Hazlitt, and Ludwig von Mises. From there the AnCap known as “Johnny Rocket” was born. Speaking truth to power from your cell phone tower, Johnny digests the philosophy of liberty and brings them to the man on the street on a weekly basis. Johnny Rocket was also the front-man of the rockabilly group “Hot Roddin’ Romeos” and puts pencil to paper with the critically acclaimed comic series “The Liberty Force.” New York Times best-selling author and podcast host Tom Woods calls Johnny Rocket “one of the most entertaining figures in the liberty movement.”


About the Co-Host: Raylene Lightheart is an activist in the libertarian movement.  She is a dedicated wife and homeschool mom of five.  She is passionate about self-ownership, free association community, and unfettered liberty.  Raylene is the director of marking and sales of Launchpad Media Group.

She is the assistant communications director for Libertarian Party of Washington State and also serves as Region 3 alternate. She also is on the board of Libertarian Party of Kitsap County and was awarded the 2018 Porcupine Award for LPWA.   As a child, Raylene dreamed of being in broadcasting.  When Johnny asked her to be the co-host for his new show, Blast Off! With Johnny Rocket she was thrilled to have the opportunity to advance liberty through education, outreach, and entertainment.


About Ground Control: Benjamin Wiegold is a fellow Libertarian, from the corrupt state of Illinois. Ben is the new producer, sound engineer, and editor of the Blast Off! With Johnny Rocket. Ben has also done work for the Mises Institute and numerous other publications. Ben is a musician, hardcore anarchist, and just an all-around cool dude! 


Host Website: or


Guest Website:

Music Provided By: 

Mars Attacks - “Leavin’ It All Behind”

Joey Altruda - “The Big Payoff”

Rockabilly Kitty Rose - “Bourbon Bound”

The Chop Tops - “My Curse”

Books Mentioned:



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Recorded At :

Johnny's Base One, Federal Way, Washington 98003.

Johnny uses the legendary Electrovoice RE-20 microphone, Top Of the Line Mogami cables, The industry standard DBX 286s, ART EQ355 Dual Channel 31-Band Equalizer, Focusrite Scarlet 6i6, and smokes “the sweet Turkish blend “of his Camel cigarettes.

Raylene uses a Rode Podcaster microphone. The RODE Podcaster makes high-quality computer recording easy!


Blast Off! is pre-recorded, mixed, and mastered by Benjamin Wiegold. The theme song of "Blast Off! With Johnny Rocket “is "Roots Rock" Performed by Hot Rod Walt and Psycho DeVilles from the record Supercharger (2007) self-released at After Party song “Positivity” is from the record Kingston Cocktail (1997) by Joey Altruda released by Will Records.  The All-Nighter song is “Christy” and is from the record “Cocktails with Joey” (1995) by Joey Altruda released by Will records. Please visit to purchase Joey’s music. All songs used with permission from artists. 



Johnny "Rocket" Adams 

Radio Host / Audio Engineer 

Johnny Rocket Launch Pad

t: 253-625-3854








The Law Ep 7 - Plessy v Ferguson - Sure the government can segregate you by race!


The doctrine of “separate but equal” was sanctioned by the US Supreme Court in this landmark 1896 decision. It would remain the law until overturned by Brown v Board of Education in 1954.

Homer Adolph Plessy challenged a Louisiana statute requiring railroad passenger lines to provide separate cars for white people and black people. Plessy, who was ⅞ Caucasian, was ordered to sit in the black car. He refused. He was arrested and found guilty of violating the criminal statute.

His deliberate noncompliance was a planned attempt at having the racially motivated and discriminatory law overturned as a violation of the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution. He failed, but he laid the groundwork for future success. By his noncompliance, Plessy was an American hero. We need more noncompliance.

Homer Plessy’s train ride makes history in New Orleans

Plessy v Ferguson


In Good Company With Marc Clair: Sounds Like Liberty - Episode 17


    In today's episode Nicky P & Lizzie break from the norm and approach a guest suggestion with perhaps the most incomprehensible lyrics we’ve ever addressed; specifically Carrot Rope by Pavement...I’m not sure we ever really grasped what it was about...


This week in I Heard This Happened: educational rap for kids & sad rainy sunday songs.  


Nicky's pick this week is Skylight by Pinegrove, a leathery alt-country/ folk offering. These are the least Jersey Jersey boys i’ve ever heard. Go check it out if you need to feel balanced on a crappy day. Lizzie's pick on the other hand is Baba Got Bars Vol III by Baba Bomani. This educational hip hop for kids is super entertaining. The standout track is The Black Entertainer which gives a history of black people in music over the Scott Joplin tune that paved the way for this history.


This week’s interview is with a personal favorite podcaster, Marc Clair of Lions Of Liberty. We talk to Marc about all the concerts we don’t get by not living in LA, his dark past as a Karaoke Host & even those formative years in good ol...


Marc's Top 5-ish

And Justice For All by Metallica

Evil Empire by Rage Against The Machine

Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

Terror Twilight by Pavement

Revolver by The Beatles

Brother's In Arms by Dire Straights


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Cali Says Bitches Ain’t Nuthin’ -Post Cards from Somalia EP 14


On this episode Alan and Sherry contemplate the finer points of California's new law devaluing the successes of women while politicians pat themselves on the back for their goodness for doing so. You can catch more of Alan on The Gold Standard at , and Sherry on The Sherry Voluntary Show at

You can find audio versions of both shows by searching for “sherry voluntary” or “the gold standard” on your favorite podcasting platforms.


Liar Liar - The Last Nighters - Episode 40


Patrick MacFarlane of Liberty Weekly recently became a lawyer and joins us to discuss one of his favorite movies, Liar Liar.  Jim Carrey is pretty much a commie these days, but still had a pretty good run of comedy films in the 90’s.  This film did not age well, but the premise hinges on how courts often side with the woman at the expense of the man in family court, which gives us plenty to talk about.



Kavanaugh Ep 16 Nice Guys Finish Free


“Alex Merced is just your everyday Nice Guy trying to understand the world around him. Join him as he discusses economics and politics in a nice, calm and without vitriol. Because Nice Guys Finish Free.”