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Bet You Didn’t Know With Sherry Voluntary: Sounds Like Liberty - Episode 29

January 2, 2019


In today's episode Nicky P & Lizzie examine Declaration Day by Iced Earth. I love a song with those Dio notes. Does this song truly live up to it’s charge, or is it simply trading one master for another?

This week in I Heard This Happened: some guitar prog & vintage rock throwback.

Nicky’s album this week is Everything That Is You by Thrailkill, which sounds a bit like Satriani if he decided to incorporate Fusion into Djent and spent a summer as the guitarist for Chevelle...probably better than that honestly. The songs take the prog tact where they have to be genuinely difficult to follow but at least some of those riffs on top of riffs are catchy. I’m always grateful when synth work seems to be an integral part of any album and this is especially rare in Guitar-prog where it is often left out to feature more guitar. I’m surprised when a guitar centered group doesn’t make that mistake. In the same vein I’m a big fan of the list of contributing players on the album. It’s always awesome to see killer players featuring those around them. As a musician there is too often a tendency to jockey for dominance as opposed to sell your own voice.

Lizzie brings us Moves by Moves, something, somewhere in the vein of Wilco, Alabama Shakes & St. Paul & Broken Bones with just a bit of Florence & The Machine. Bursting with good grooves & sweet harmonies from it’s multiple lead vocalists. Surprisingly the mood actually held liz’s attention for an entire album.

This week’s interview is with Sherry Voluntary, anarchist podcaster & radio personality. Check her out on The Sherry Voluntary Show or Postcards From Somalia.

Sherry Recommends
Houses Of The Holy - Led Zepellin
Rumours - Fleetwood Mac
Exodus - Bob Marley
Robert Johnson
Digital Underground
Pulse - Pink Floyd
Duke Ellington

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