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Biting The Bullet Jared On A Missile Prophecizing: Sounds Like Liberty: Episode 76

December 11, 2019


Show Notes: In today’s episode we have a premonitory podcast discussing Jared & Nick’s old stomping grounds up in upstate New York which made headlines just a few short hours later. We discuss rural culture, the differences between soldiers and cops, and how all these things are going to intersect when the boogaloo breaks out. Jared is one of the fine gents from over at the Biting The Bullet Podcast. 


Here are some of the topics we talked about:

* Chillderberg Dos 

* Burning Boots Podcast 

* Statist Quo Podcast 


Featured Music

* Show Intro Damn Beach by Burns To The Soul 

* Show Outro: Closure by Tenwatch 

* 1st Song: Hollowbody Guitar By Hot Roddin’ Romeos 

* 2nd Song: Broken Stitches by Carriedbysix 

* 3rd Song: 10 Million Miles by Burns To The Soul 

* 4th Song: Humid Night by Swindlin’ Hearts 


*  * *


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