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C’mon Bro, Just Stop With Adam Keeler: Sounds Like Liberty - Episode 28

December 26, 2018


In today's episode Nicky P & Lizzie examine Redemption Song by Bob Marley. Reggae just gets me. But do we get raggae? You decide.

This week in I Heard This Happened: some power-pop-rock and some russian post-rock.

Nicky’s album this week is Night Terrors by Wires, somewhere between Cheap Trick & They Might Be Giants filtered through Fountains Of Wayne & Rooney. It’s got a great late-90’s early 00’s production & sensibility that reminds me of the mood & tone of everything hip when I went to college. For what is predominantly a solo album, there is a surprising depth of songwriting, my favorite being Let It Go which has some moments where it reminds me of Queen & ELO…so you can do the math on how I feel about it.

Lizzie brings us Firefly by iwantsummer, an instrumental post-rock album out of St. Petersburg, Russia. Lizzie was unclear on what post rock was prior to me telling her that’s what this is. Now she knows.

This week’s interview is with Ancap & classical guitarist Adam Keeler. We had a blast talking about the more techie elements of performance and the business side of performing. You can check out Adam here:

Adam Recommends
Lute Suites - Bach
Animals As Leaders
Galia Social
Michael Hedges
The Cave - Steve Reich

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