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Death Wish - The Last Nighters - Episode 53

January 7, 2019


Charles Bronson vs. Bruce Willis (who would win?)

The original is one of the classic revenge thrillers that has that satisfying edge of the bad guys getting what’s coming to them. Also shows the incompetence of government to “solve” the problem and how individuals accepting the responsibility for their own safety is a much more effective solution.

The remake has a similar air to it, but tones down the social commentary by our hero and focuses more on the cat and mouse with the ridiculous final villain.

In both however, the government has a monopoly on police services and has no incentive to actually solve the problem. Their biggest concern is “how it looks”, so they bury statistics that are unfavorable to their perception. Another funny thing was how hard they were hunting the “vigilante” and they had literally dozens of people in the room all working the case - such a huge waste of resources.

Come back next week for our episode on Smallfoot with special guest, Rocky Ferrenburg.