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Don’t you Dare Generalize Me With Eric Hailar : Sounds Like Liberty - Episode 34

February 6, 2019


In today's episode Nicky P & Lizzie examine You Don’t Own Me by Leslie Gore. Sure there are a few weak points, but it really is about personal liberty...right?

This week in I Heard This Happened: Moody pop from Akron and some Jazz(?) from the great northwest

Nicky’s pick First Appearance by G.S. Schray is downright elegant and meanders through all sorts of sonic spaces. A literal cave of wonders in its ambient marvels. You could describe the sound by imagining that Vince Geraldi got way into 80s synth pop & started listening to The Sea & Cake and Indie movie scores exclusively. Every few measures bring some new musical idea to each track. It never sits in one place long enough to get stale & ebbs and flows with smooth instrumental and dynamic shifts constantly.

Lizzie’s pick is Shakes by WA artist lissikeyj. The album is mostly instrumential. Think Boney James from the 90’s. The vocalist sounds eerily like Rufus Wainwright on the title track. The album is all over the place but if you are in the mood for smooth jazz this could be a band worth checking out.

This week’s interview is with the one and only Eric Hailar host of a podcast by the name of The Rebel with a Cause. We talk metal; celebrity music fails; and inappropriate jokes.

Eric Recommends
Ride the Lightning - Metallica
Black Flag
Sonic Brew - The Black Label Society
Husker Du - Warehouse:Stories and Songs
Pablo Francisco - Bits and Peices

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