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How Much Better? With Daniel Johnson: Sounds Like Liberty - Episode 19

October 24, 2018


    In today's episode Nicky P & Lizzie examine the Flobots classic Handlebars and take a look at what we can only see as the most confused rebuttal of capitalism ever conceived. Why didn’t this one make the cut? Let’s find out.


This week in I Heard This Happened: the world’s most musical hardcore, & the next model Todd Rundgren.


Nicky’s album this week is NoiSays by NoiSays. The album is something like what I imagine would happen if Miles Davis was born in the 90s and a product of divorce where mom & dad keep buying guitars and lessons to prove how much they love him but he only gets more angry. This is hands down one of the most musical hardcore records i’ve ever heard. I think they’re technically some variant of math-rock but they’re quite heavy. Highly recomended.


Also this week: Lizzie found the next incarnation of Todd Rundgren. Low Poly Breakfast by Nova Bound is a great pop-rock offering with hints of Wings, Metronomy and all the best of 70’s soft rock all milled about in there. Both of us really enjoyed this one.


This week’s interview is with Daniel Johnson of We Do Better. The organization is dedicated to making sure government money gets into the hands of organizations that get results. We had a blast with our conversation and sadly some of it was cut for time. Join the Freedom Choir to get the full interview.


Check out Daniel & We Do Better here:


Daniels's Top 5

The Throes Of Winter - Seven Lions

Lazers - Lupe Fiasco

Ill Mind(s) - Hopsin

Therapy Session - NF

Comatose - Skillet


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