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I’m Hungry, Let’s Eat With Dann Reid: Sounds Like Liberty - Episode 30

January 9, 2019


In today's episode Nicky P & Lizzie examine Silent Running by Mike + The Mechanics. It’s everybody’s favorite sleeper anarchist anthem from the 80’s.

This week in I Heard This Happened: some Preo & Pop-Rock.

Nicky’s album this week is Spending Eternity In A Japanese Convenience Store by Forests, The band hails from Singapore. So, I suppose it was bound to happen. Those techy Asian musicians were gonna smash Prog & emo together eventually. Frankly I’m glad. No genre picking. The record came out New years day. I would describe it as Chon meets Built To Spill meets Boys Night Out. The songs all have intricate & interesting parts but somehow it manages to be a singalong manufacturing device at the same time. Why do asian bands always seem to slay face? Is it genetic or just a function of the best stuff manages to make it here, the world may never know.

Lizzie brings us Sneekin Out The Back Door by The Sneeks. This Detroit band has loads of musical groove, which is unfortunatels offset by their vocalist’s NPR Bob Dylan impersonation.. Liz described the EP as ‘silly and fun’. Note that her favorite track is entitled Basic Shit; You can give it a listen and see if you agree with me that the whole record is just that.

This week’s interview is with Dann Reid, of the Culinary Libertarian Podcast. Dann sits down & chats with us about food, Gene Simmons & my perceptions of Detroit.

Dann Recommends
Vivaldi’s Four Seasons
Edie Gourmet & Steve Lawrence
Killer Queen
Jailbreak 74/Powerridge - AC/DC
Aretha Franklin

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