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Johnny Rocket Launch Pad Episode #70: Tiffany Diaz De Leon/ Gavin Keefe

October 19, 2015

PicturePictureTiffany Diaz De Leon is a activist and director for region 3 for the Washington State Libertarian Party. Tiffany focuses in on using media, and entertainment to spread the message of "Liberty" in Washington State.

Gavin Keefe is a political advocate for limited government and maximum freedom. He has championed for liberty across his home state as the Libertarian Party of Washington's Director of region 6. He stands for the same principles that our Founding Fathers stood for. His love for liberty and fairness is what drives him to run for office. Holding true to his beliefs, Gavin has been outspoken about government overreach, unnecessary taxing, cronyism and corruption. He believes that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is the foundation for a successful community. Visit his campaign website

The Libertarian Party of Washington is committed to the protection of civil liberties

An important part of restoring civil liberties is ending the drug war. Voluntary treatment vs. mandatory incarceration is a winning strategy.

Band Of The Week: Kill Switch...Klick

Kill Switch...Klick, also known as KsK and Kill Switch (the original) is the name of an American industrial rock band. The band is best known for its releases on Cleopatra Records and Go-Kustom Rekords. KsK was formed in 1991 by D.A. Sebasstian (born Devin Edward Chastain in February, 1964), a writer, film maker, musician and artist who had relocated from San Bernardino, California, to Seattle, Washington, late in 1989 where he currently resides.

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