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Michael Boldin On Roller Skates Bringing World Peace: Sounds Like Liberty: Episode 60

August 14, 2019


Show Notes: Today we are delighted to have the one and only Michael Boldin on the podcast. He was totally up for hanging out with us and he even came up with the song for our analysis What Did You Learn in School Today  by Pete Seeger. We also talked about music and the booking biz and of course the Tenth Amendment Center. Check it out Here: (Also check out that article from mother jones below. Really interesting stuff.)


Here are some of the artists we talked about:


Yo Gabba Gabba 

The Aquabats 

Mark Farina 

Woody Guthrie -Acres of Clams 

Power of music Documentary 

Rothbard Left right perspectives for liberty 

Tom Woods 

Lew Rockwell 

Stephanie Mensomer - Mother Jones Article 

Scott Horton 

Rodger Veir 

Bob  Murphy on Man Economy and the State 

King Brit

Depeche Mode 


Iron Maiden - Run to The Hills 

Megadeth - Symphony Of Destruction 

Dixie Chicks - Travelin’ Soldier 

John Prine 

Muse -  Drones 


Caravan Palace 

Preservation Hall Jazz Band 

California Feet Warmers 


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