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Rachel Kennerly On a Hemp Plant Doing God’s Work: Sounds Like Liberty: Episode 67

October 2, 2019


Show Notes: Our guest today is Rachael Kennerly, host of the Cannabis Heals Me podcast. ( We talk about prohibition and hope ;of music and being well behaved. (Seriously folks, I’m not even sure she curses on our show.)


Here are some of the topics we talked about:


Barbra Striseand 

Barry Manilow 

Florence & the Machine 

George Jones 

Keith Whitley 

Vern Gosdin 

Steve Warner 

Free Markets Green Earth 

Adam Ant 

Sidney Gottlieb 

Jack Johnson 

John Mayer 

Shiller Math 

Billy Ocean 

John Cusak Movies 


Libertarian Party National Convention 2020 

Nick Sarwark on Part of the Problem 

Liberty Hippie Network 

Voluntary Vixens 

Featured Music


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