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Reds - The Last Nighters - Episode 82

August 5, 2019


Show Notes:

We talk about the epic film “Reds” which follows John Reed as he covers the Bolshevik Revolution as an idealistic journalist with utopian visions of successfully implementing socialism. Our guest is Jon Reed (no relation) and we have a barn-burner of a discussion about this marathon of a movie that has some many discussion-nuggets that our show went a little long.

A Ronald Reagan favorite. #9 on the top ten list of "epics". An obsession-project for Warren Beatty who would shoot up to 100 takes and keep the film rolling so that he had over two weeks of footage. This movie destroyed his relationship with Diane Keaton and got Gene Hackman to refuse a role a decade later. His speech scene instigated the crew to strike over "exploitation" demanding higher wages.

Our guest has a penchant for long movies, apparently. His first appearance being for the nearly-3-hour DiCaprio flick "The Aviator".

Jon Reed’s a communications professional who’s been a writer and video creator for the past 20 years. He enjoys debating current events and explaining the blessings of liberty and how to get it and long walks on the beach. Jon’s a movie buff, wine lover, and introvert who enjoys his time chillin at home, or hanging out with a select few people who spike his intellect and curiosity...and cats...he’s a cat person.

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It’s almost that time of the month...that’s right, we’ll be back next week with our next installment in our summer series on episodes of Star Trek the Next Generation with Pat MacFarlane of Liberty Weekly. This time we’ll be taking the argument for Data’s self-ownership and step further down the family tree as we explore the episode called “The Offspring” where Data creates a “child”. Engage.

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