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Sounds Like Liberty - Episode 13: Where The Wild Memes Roam With Mance Rayder

September 12, 2018


In today's episode Nicky P & Lizzie start airing out that dirty religious laundry they have with each other. We look at Freewill by Rush and discuss its religious & objectivist messages.


This week I Heard This Happened finds our pair in very different worlds indeed. Nick's over in Europe in some sweaty club and Lizzy is apparently ten years old plopped down in front of The Cosby Show or Wings or some such nonsense.

Nicky brings Kingdoms In Colour by Maribou State. An atmospheric yet easily danceable electronic offering. It reminds me of Caribou meets Royksop but with a more modern R&B bent at times. Lizzy brings The Optimist by Vulfpeck guitarist Cory Wong. Her description is "Imagine if John Mayer had funk as his musical background instead of blues.


In this week’s interview we talk to Mance Rayder of The Free Man Beyond The Wall about his own time in the music industry and some strange concerts you wouldn’t believe happened.


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