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Tory Wachtel On A Planet Taking Names: Sounds Like Liberty: Episode 69

October 16, 2019


Show Notes Our guest today is Mr. Tory Wachel co-host of the unUseful Idiots Podcast. Of course we talk about that show and the man himself. Some very interesting tangents. Check it out!


Here are some of the topics we talked about:


The Propaganda Report (w/Monica Perez) 

Part of the Problem 

Wealth Power and Influence w/ Jason Stapleton 

Lions Of Liberty 


Pig Destroyer 



Black Sabbath 

Lead Zeppelin 

Pink Floyd 

Johnny Cash 


Noam Chomsky 

The Lost Boys (movie) 

Fern Gully (movie) 

Captain Planet 


Carl Benjamin (aka Sargon of Akkad) 


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