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Waterworld - The Last Nighters - Episode 96

November 11, 2019


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Dry land is not a myth.  We haven't seen Waterworld six times like the Cable Guy, but we have seen it enough times and recently enough to do an episode on it with our pal, Peter R. Quinones (otherwise known as Mance Rayder) of the Free Man Beyond the Wall Podcast.  Get ready for a deep-dive into the NAP on this one.


Peter R. Quinones is managing editor of the Libertarian Institute and hosts the Free Man Beyond the Wall podcast. He released his first book, Freedom Through Memedom – The 31-day Guide to Waking Up to Liberty in November 2017. It reached #4 in the Libertarian Section on Amazon. He has spoken at Liberty Forum in Manchester, New Hampshire and is currently co-producing a documentary entitled, “The Monopoly on Violence,” which is scheduled for a 2020 release. It will feature the most prominent figures in libertarianism explaining how nation-states came into existence, the atrocities they commit and what a truly open libertarian society would look like.


Join us next week as we discuss "They Shall Not Grow Old" for Armistice Day, hopefully with Jeff Deist of the Ludwig von Mises Institute.  


Show notes:


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We use movies as a starting point for people who may not be familiar with this way of thinking. 


The point is to show what anarchy actually is with instances that are presented in film.