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When Harry Met Sally - The Last Nighters - Episode 104

January 7, 2020


To celebrate the ringing in of the new year, we harken back to the auld rom-com well with a double-dose of both crude humor and witty charm in the holiday classic, "When Harry Met Sally".


When we decide to have someone to have as a guest on this here show, we want to have them on as soon as possible.  We’ll have what she’s having, it’s the wonderful Raylene Lightheart of Blastoff! With Johnny Rocket.


This will be a fun romp through one of her favorite movies that left an indelible mark on popular culture even now, thirty years on.  We get into the weeds on the emotional maturation journey for the title characters and have a great discussion.


Join us next week as we mark the return of Rachel Kennerly of "Cannabis Heals Me" to talk about M. Night Shyamalan's "The Village".


Show Notes:


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Reel Unconventional Film Analysis.


We use movies as a starting point for people who may not be familiar with this way of thinking. 


The point is to show what anarchy actually is with instances that are presented in film.