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Blast Off! With Johnny Rocket Episode #15: No Apologies! (W/ Tim Moen)

October 5, 2018


Show Summary: Libertarian Party of Canada leader, Tim Moen, joins Johnny and Raylene for a fun and informative conversation about running for office and Libertarianism in Canada!  Tim understands how to be inclusive to the movement, teaching people the principles with patience and authenticity.  He gives an in depth explanation of how socialized health care REALLY works and why he wants to change it.  His dialogue is open and candid about how he plans to make liberty possible for the people he wants to represent as the Libertarian candidate for Prime Minister. You can hear more at on our Patreon!

About The Guest: Tim Moen grew up on a farm in Northern Alberta where he learned the value of freedom, hard work, responsibility, respect for property and community. He has served his community as a firefighter, paramedic, business owner, writer, filmmaker and volunteer. In 2013 after working with Neil Young, who slammed his community and the oil sands industry, Tim gained national media attention by writing an article revealing Neil’s hypocrisy. In 2014 he ran a highly visible by-election that caught the attention of Fox Business, CNN, Reason Magazine, Gawker, This Hour Has 22 Minutes and numerous other media outlets. Tim has extensive experience leading high performance teams and has a graduate degree in leadership where his thesis examined the ways in which high performance teams employ libertarian principles. Since Tim was elected leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada in May 2014, the Party has witnessed an explosive growth in membership, engagement and funding.

Tim has spent his career protecting life and property from mindless destructive forces. Now as leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada he is focusing his attention on the destructive force of government which has an unquenchable appetite for money and power at the expense of its citizens.

About The Host: Johnny “Rocket” Adams was the creator and host of “The Johnny Rocket Launch Pad – Libertarian Rock n’ Roll Experience” and now “BLAST OFF with Johnny Rocket!” He’s also a musician, graphic artist, author, and former Chief Warrant Officer. Johnny spent his early days earning his stripes as a helicopter pilot in the U.S. Army. Back stateside, Johnny immersed himself in the classic works of Murray Rothbard, Henry Hazlitt, and Ludwig von Mises. From there the AnCap known as “Johnny Rocket” was born. Speaking truth to power from your cell phone tower, Johnny digests the philosophy of liberty and brings them to the man on the street on a weekly basis. Johnny Rocket was also the front-man of the rockabilly group “Hot Roddin’ Romeos” and puts pencil to paper with the critically acclaimed comic series “The Liberty Force.” New York Times best-selling author and podcast host Tom Woods calls Johnny Rocket “one of the most entertaining figures in the liberty movement.”

About the Co-Host: Raylene Lightheart is an activist in the libertarian movement.  She is a dedicated wife and homeschool mom of five.  She is passionate about self-ownership, free association community, and unfettered liberty.  Raylene is the director of marking and sales of Launchpad Media Group.

She is the assistant communications director for Libertarian Party of Washington State and also serves as Region 3 alternate. She also is on the board of Libertarian Party of Kitsap County and was awarded the 2018 Porcupine Award for LPWA.   As a child, Raylene dreamed of being in broadcasting.  When Johnny asked her to be the co-host for his new show, Blast Off! With Johnny Rocket she was thrilled to have the opportunity to advance liberty through education, outreach, and entertainment.

About Ground Control: Benjamin Wiegold is a fellow Libertarian, from the corrupt state of Illinois. Ben is the new producer, sound engineer, and editor of the Blast Off! With Johnny Rocket. Ben has also done work for the Mises Institute and numerous other publications. Ben is a musician, hardcore anarchist, and just an all-around cool dude! 

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Guest Website:

Libertarian Party of Canada

Tim Moen Facebook

Music Provided By: 

Hillbilly Moon Explosion w/ Arielle Dombasle and Nicolas Ker - “My Love For Evermore”

Hillbilly Moon Explosion - “Buy, Beg or Steal”

Joey Altruda - “The Big Payoff”

Psycho Devilles - “Beg and I Beg”

Joey Altruda - “Smackin’ the Possum”

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Recorded At :

Johnny's Base One, Federal Way, Washington 98003.

Johnny uses the legendary Electrovoice RE-20 microphone, Top Of the Line Mogami cables, The industry standard DBX 286s, ART EQ355 Dual Channel 31-Band Equalizer, Focusrite Scarlet 6i6, and smokes “the sweet Turkish blend “of his Camel cigarettes.

Raylene uses a Rode Podcaster microphone. The RODE Podcaster makes high-quality computer recording easy!

Blast Off! is pre-recorded, mixed, and mastered by Benjamin Wiegold. The theme song of "Blast Off! With Johnny Rocket “is "Roots Rock" Performed by Hot Rod Walt and Psycho DeVilles from the record Supercharger (2007) self-released at After Party song “Positivity” is from the record Kingston Cocktail (1997) by Joey Altruda released by Will Records.  The All-Nighter song is “Christy” and is from the record “Cocktails with Joey” (1995) by Joey Altruda released by Will records.