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Crowdfunded Government Theodore On A Raft Navigating Normies: Sounds Like Liberty: Episode 77

December 18, 2019


Show Notes: We have Theodore on today representing Crowdfunded Government. Find out more about that concept here We talk about preaching liberty to normies and  about Libertertarian podcasts. In fact he was kind enough to  bring us a prime selection of libertarian Podcast theme songs to review. It's one of my favorite conversations about the intersection of music and liberty. Enjoy!


Here are some of the topics we talked about:

* This Week in Liberpods 

* Liberty Podcast Ranker 

* Free Man Beyond the Wall 

* Tom Wood Show 

* Biting the Bullet Podcast 

* A Boy Named Pseu 

* Peaceful Treason Podcast 

* The Fifth Column 

* Tasting Anarchy 

* Drinking Wine by Stick McGhee 

* Actual Anarchy 

* Brian Nichols Show 

* FAGcast 


Featured Music

* Show Intro Damn Beach by Burns To The Soul 

* Show Outro: Closure by Tenwatch 

* 1st Song: Saloon by Burns to the Soul 

* 2nd Song: Cliffhanger by Fylo 

* 3rd Song: Humid Night by Swindlin' Hearts 

* 4th Song: Jacob Barnett by Hudred Year Dash 


*  * *


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