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Joker - The Last Nighters - Episode 94

October 28, 2019


Show Notes:  


Striking while the iron is hot, so to speak, we talk "Joker" which is taking October by storm becoming a box office sensation breaking all sorts of records.  This of course, after critics panned it and mainstream media classified it as "dangerous". This isn't just a comic book movie, this is a fully articulated film that could shed its comic skin and still have significant impact.  


We had planned on having our Batman-man from Australia, but he has come down with an illness, so Captain A who was our guest for "Crazy Heart" who had also approached us to talk about the movie will be our guest this week.


Next week, we'll be bringing you an obliquely Halloween-themed flick, "The Karate Kid" with the uniquely awesome Raylene Lightheart of Blastoff! with Johnny Rocket.


Show notes:


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